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  • On the basis of this strategy the most serious patients are treated first as any delay will cost them their lives. The rest are treated later as per their level of severity of the condition.

  • This strategy was first introduced by the Napoleon military surgeon.

  • An actual triage doesn’t only prioritise the sickest over the less sick. It further discourages futile treatment for the very sick who are unlikely to benefit from the treatment:

    • For example a bed ridden elderly patient whose health is already not improving get infected from COVID and is unlikely to improve post the treatment will be given less importance over a patient who needs urgent medical intervention and whose life can be saved.

  • This strategy has been employed by many nations during the time fo COVID-19. As the impact of pandemic overburdened the  healthcare system of many countries. It brought out the lack of preparedness and resources for such a catastrophe.

  • However, the implementation of this strategy needs social consensus and empathy.

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