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Daily MCQ-2024

25th March 2021

Q1: Consider the following statements with respect to GSAT 7 satellites:

    1. They are communication satellites.

    2. The satellites will be launched into geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) by 2025.

Select the correct statements:

     a. 1 only

     b. 2 only

     c. Both 1 and 2

     d. Neither 1 nor 2



Q2: Solomon Islands are located in which of the following Ocean?

     a. Southern Ocean

     b. Pacific Ocean

     c. Atlantic ocean

     d. Indian Ocean

Answer: B


Solomon Islands are located in the pacific ocean.

Q3: “Dare2eraD TB” a data driven research to Eradicate TB, is launched by:

  1.      a. Ministry of Health

  2.      b. Ministry of Science and technology

  3.      c. Ministry of AYUSH

  4.      d. All of the Above

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