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  • They are the devices that are used to separate oxygen from the ambient air. 

  • Ambient air consists of 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen and 1% of other gases. 

  • It can be operated at homes as well.

When they are helpful?

  • The oxygen level in human blood is more than 94, and when the blood saturation level decreases it is a sign of  respiratory distress.

  • Acute respiratory distress i.e. blood saturation level is between 88-94, can be tackled by an oxygen concentrator. 

  • An oxygen contractor can provide air consisting of 95% of oxygen.

  • However, severe respiratory distress cannot be treated by an oxygen concentrator, as it required 99% oxygen.

How does it work?

  • It consists of a compressor and sieve bed filter. 

  • Compressor squeezes atmospheric air and also adjusts the pressure at which it is delivered.

  • The sieve bed is made of Zeolite ,  a material that separates the nitrogen. 

  • There are two sieve beds that work to both release oxygen into a tank that’s connected to the cannula as well as release the separated nitrogen and form a continuous loop that keeps producing fresh.

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