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  • They are notified areas.

  • They serve the purpose of protection of tiger and its prey governed by project tiger.

  • Initially India had 9 tiger reserves but now we have 52 tiger reserves in 17 states.

  • Tiger reserves are notified by STATE GOVT. on recommendation of national tiger conservation authority

Component of Tiger Reserve:

  • Core zone:

    • It is a critical tiger habitat area, they are established on the basis of scientific and objective criteria.

    • They are meant for purpose of tiger conservation, without affecting the rights schedule tribes or such other forest dewe;;ers

    • They are notified by the state govt with an expert committee.

  • Buffer zone:

    • It is a peripheral area which provide lesser degree of habitat protection to ensure integrity

    • Aim of the zone is t promote coexistence

    • Limits: are determined on the basis of scientific and objective criterion in consultation with concerned gram sabha and expert committee constituted for this purpose

    • No alteration in boundaries of tiger reserve shall be made except on recommendation of national tiger cons authority and approval of national board for wild life

    • No state govt. shall de notify a tiger reserve except in public interest with app of these authorities

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