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The Pandemic caused by the COVID-19 has completely transformed the mode of education to online mode  from the offline mode. This has given an opportunity in the form of challenges to India to remodel the way of education in India. There is a need to move away from rot learning towards critical thinking oriented learning.

Ways to transform:

  • Remodelling question paper format in such a way that the question puts the thought process of a child to work instead of memory. This will prevent instances of cheating in online exams and bring in fair competition and most importantly will develop the critical thought.

  • Article 21A, of the Constitution i.e. Right to education affirms the importance of formative assessments, thus, teachers could be invited to engage in evaluating student’s performance across the year.this will make the learning holistic in nature.

  • Redefining the education: from only academic based growth to social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. This was affirmed in the National Curriculum Framework of 2005.

  • Giving complete autonomy to educational committees which consists of students, teachers, educational leaders, scholars and researchers who can advocate, organise and implement this change nationally and internationally.

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