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June 20, 2021- October 2021

The Preliminary Test is the most challenging stage of the Civil Services Examination. Nearly 5 lakh candidates appear in the preliminary exam each year. CSAT i.e. G.S. Paper 2 was made qualifying in 2015. Preliminary stage is designed to eliminate non-serious candidates from entering the Main Examination. As only 100 questions decide your entry into the Main Examination, the leeway for committing errors in this stage is miniscule. In recent years of  2017, 2018 and 2019 papers tested the creative intelligence and problem solving skills of the candidates. 


To simplify, the upsc preliminary exam strategy can be divided two stages:

  • First stage: Syllabus coverage and conceptual clarity 

  • Second stage: Practice MCQs: Practice of MCQs is of extreme importance, self evaluation will guide one in the right direction and will help in covering uncovered portions for the exam. 

This year the Prelim Test is scheduled to be held on 10th October 2021, thus we are pleased to announce that we are pleased to announce the launch of Civil Services Preliminary Test Series 2021.

Components of course:

  • Test followed by artificial intelligence driven analysis of result.

  • Detailed explanation pdf and video.

  • Personalised doubt resolution.

  • This  test series will consist of 14 tests, 10 G.S. test and 4 CSAT tests. 

COURSE FEES: Rs. 1399 and if you register yourself before 11: 59 pm on 10th June you get 50% discount and the course fees is 699.



13th June 2021

  General Studies test no. 1

Comprehensive Polity test and current affairs

  27th June 2021

General Studies test no. 2

Comprehensive Economy test and current affairs

 11th July 2021

  General Studies test no. 3

Comprehensive Geography test and current Affairs

25th July 2021

General Studies test no. 4

Comprehensive History and Art and culture and Current Affairs

8th August 2021

General Studies test no. 5

Comprehensive environment and science and technology and current Affairs


22nd August 2021

General Studies test no. 6

Schemes, economic survey, India year book, International Relations.


  5th September 2021

General Studies test no. 7 and CSAT-1

Comprehensive test

12th September 2021

General Studies test no. 8 and CSAT

Comprehensive test

19th September 2021

General Studies test no. 9 and CSAT-3

Comprehensive test

26th Septemeber 2021

General studies test no. 10 and CSAT

Comprehensive test

2101: PRELIMINARY TEST SERIES 2021: Schedule
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