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       Delhi high court in its judgement on a  petition by a woman who claimed that her photographs and images which were not obscene or offensive in themselves, were taken from her Facebook and Instagram accounts without her consent, and were uploaded on a pornographic website with derogatory captions added to them, says “The Internet never sleeps and the Internet never forgets”

Guidelines given by the court:

  • The government must issue a direction to the website/ online platform on which the offending content is hosted to remove such content forthwith within 24 hours of the receipt of the court order.

  • A direction must also be  issued to the website or online platform containing the offending to preserve all information and associated records relating to the offending content for a minimum period of 180 days for use in an investigation.

Stand of social Media platforms:

  • Google had stated that it had no objections or reservation in removing access to the offending content as may be directed by the court. 

  • Facebook, which also owns Instagram, submitted that it had a robust privacy policy. 

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