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Non Proliferation treaty

It is a legal instrument which is considered as a cornerstone of  global nuclear non-proliferation of nuclear weapons regime


  • The treaty de-legitimise ‘proliferation’ (production and transfer) of nuclear weapons, fissile materials and related technology by the non-nuclear weapon states (NNWS).

  • However, the  five recognised nuclear-weapon states (NWS) — namely the US, Russia, the UK, France and China, can continue to possess nuclear weapons.

Objective of the NPT

  • Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons 

  • Disarmament and 

  • Peaceful uses of nuclear energy. 


 The treaty is nearly universally accepted with just four nuclear states opting out of the treaty — India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea, as India says there are structural flaws in the treaty and it favoured few states.

Non Proliferation treaty: List
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