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Chief of Defence Staff

The Hindu

8 Dec 2021

G.S. Paper 3: Security

    News: The First Chief of Defence staff of India General Bipin Rawat achieved Martyrdom in a Helicopter Crash on 8th December 2021. He held the post of CDS till his unfortunate demise.

    The chief of Defence staff of Indian Armed forces is the military head and chairman of the chiefs of staff committee of Indian Armed forces.

    He is the senior most and highest ranking uniformed officer on active duty in the Indian military. He/She is the Principal staff officer and chief of military advisor to the Minster of Defence.

    Chief of Defence staff is a four star officer selected from among the serving officers of the Indian Armed forces. He/ She is the “first among equals” among the service s=chief and is a sidle-point military advisor to the defence minister.

    CDS is assisted by a deputy, the Vice chief of Defence staff.

    He/ She heads the department of military affairs under the ministry of Defence, as its secretary.

    CDS is the Permanent chairperson of the Chief of staff committee (PC-CoSC
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