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  • It is a tiny helicopter developed by NASA.

  • It flew over the Martian surface for fourty seconds,.

  • It was the first ever powered flight on any other planet

  • It uses jet propulsion.

Powered Aircraft:

  • It is an  aircraft which uses onboard propulsion with mechanical power generated by an aircraft engine of some kind. 

  • Aircraft propulsion generally always uses either a type of propeller, or a form of jet propulsion.

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  • It is an application of Newton’s thirds law of motion i.e. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


  • In this, the atmospheric air is made to accelerate as it passes through the engine. 

  • The force which provides this acceleration has an equal effect in the opposite direction acting on the apparatus which  produces the acceleration. 

  • In jet propulsion engines/ propellers propel the aircraft by thrusting a large weight of air backwards.

    • In  the form of a large air slipstream at comparatively low speed.

    • The other in the form of a jet of gas at very high speed.

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