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European Union and Indo-Pacific


Aim: to contribute to “regional stability, security, prosperity and sustainable development.

Current dynamics on the Indopacific:

  • The present scenario in the Indo pacific is of intense geopolitical competition which aids to the  increasing tensions on trade and supply chains as well as in technological, political and security areas. 

  • Human rights are also being challenged in the times of Indo-pacific tensions.

EU strategy: 

  • It has a long-term focus. It will be based on “upholding democracy, human rights, the rule of law and respect for international law.

  • It will promote effective rules-based multilateralism, thus reiterating its support for ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations). This was also stressed by India.

  • It will collectively work for the inclusive and equitable socio-economic development of the region in the Post COVID world.

European Union and Indo-Pacific: News
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