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Daily News Analysis 2021

Gender Roles in India
Date: 3rd March 2022
Relevance: G.S. Paper 1: Indian Society

7th January 2021

Anti Conversion Laws:

News: Supreme Court decide to study the anti-conversion Laws of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

• Prelims: Constitutional Articles belonging to fundamental rights.

• Mains: GS-2, can be used as an example in various questions. What’s the issue?

  • Uttar Pradesh enacted the legislation named Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion

    Ordinance 2020 and Uttarakhand enacted the legislation Freedom of religion Act 2018.

  • They both criminalizes religious conversion via marriage and mandate prior official clearance

    before marrying into another faith.

  • The guilty will be punished with a 10- year prison sentence. And these offenses are non-


  • Outcome:

    • Several petitions have been filed that mobs are lifting people in the middle of the marriage

• Supreme court for now have not put stay on these orders. Fundamental Rights involved:

  • Article 21: Fundamental right to live with dignity.

  • Hadiya Case Judgement: It recognize right to marry a person with own’s choice was a part of

    an adult privacy.

    Demand for autonomous state:

    News: Lawmakers from Assam has submitted a memorandum to the centre for implementation of article 244A for creation of an autonomous state within Assam.
    Relevance :
    • Prelims:


• about article 244A
• Constitutional procedure for declaration of autonomous areas and • constituentareasofAutonomousstate


  • The demand for creating an autonomous state comprising of three hill district which includes

    Karbi Anglong, West Karbi anglong and Dima Hasao.

  • Article244A:

    • Parliament can provide for creation of an autonomous state within Assam which can be comprised of any tribal area as mentioned in sixth Schedule.

Legislature for autonomous state:

  • It can be a elected or partly nominated or partly elected body.

  • OR it can be a councils of Minister

• OR both

  • Such law may specify the matter which are mentioned in state List or the concurrent list over

    which the legislature of the autonomous state have power to make laws upon.

  • Define the matters on which executive powers of the autonomous state lies and provide for

    state taxes that will be assigned to the autonomous state

  • It can be done by a Simple Majority.

    New Entry norms to set up stock exchanges:

    • A resident promoter setting up an Market infrastructure institutions (MII) may hold upto 100% shareholding, it will be brought down to not more than either 51% or 26% in next 10 years.

    • A foreign promoter from FATF may hold upto 49% shareholdings which shall be brought down to 26% or 15% in coming 10 years.

    • Foreign individuals other than from FATF may hold upto 10% shareholding in MII.

    • Any person other than promoter may hold upto 25% shares in an MII.

      Market Infrastructure Institutions: includes stock exchanges and depositors.


Policy to boost journal access:

News: Recently, a new policy was proposed named as Science, Technology and innovation policy.
Aim of the policy:
• To develop a system whereby all the researchers can access the research published in top

international journal at no cost. Present issues:

  • High subscription price: presently, it costs around Rs. 1500 crores annually to subscribe to

    these journals.

  • Individual colleges cannot negotiate with the publishers and only a small fraction of

    researcher are able to benefit.

    Expected benefits of the policy:

  • It will aid in building strong foundation for the future which is going to be dependent on

    science and technology.

  • This policy will cost huge burden on the exchequer but will come with the benefit of increased


    Target of the policy:

  • Doubling the number of full time equivalent researchers and gross domestic expenditure on

    R&D (GERD) and private sector contribution to GERD every five years.

  • Find out the loopholes and strengthen the S&T infrastructure for socioeconomic development.


  • China denied the permission to WHO team of experts to visit China to investigate the origin of COVID-19.

  • PongDam wildlife sanctuary situated in Himachal Pradesh is responsible for origin of Avian flu.


• National Institute of High Security Animal Disease (NIHASD) is situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Bird Flu

Date: 6-01-2021

Relevance: Preliminary exam and G.S. Paper 3: Science and Technology

News: Several states issued an alert to contain bird flu/ Avian influenza. 

  • 2000 migratory birds were found dead near the Himachal Pradesh.

  • Deaths of the poultry animals and birds have been observed in various states such as

    Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh, Haryana etc.

  • Kerala has been culling thousands of ducks. About Bird flu, H5N8:

  • H5N8 strain impact poultry animals and birds and less likely to impact humans.

  • It is highly lethal to birds and poultry animals.

  • Its symptoms includes fever, chills, headache, coughing, and weakness.


Indian Economic recovery

Date: 6-01-2021

Relevance: Preliminary exam and G.S. Paper 3: Economics

News: finance Minister said Indian Economy is improving as an outcome of high-frequency indicators.


Indian Economy Review:

  • Economic Indicators are showing a V-shaped curve.

  • In 2021, COVID vaccine will be rolled out, which is a sign of optimism in both health and economic front.

  • Easing lockdown restriction will help in economic growth.

  • Accelerated tractor sales and increase in Rabi crop by more than 2 percent is another factor in

    responsible for growth of the economy.

  • Rise in minimum support prices, accelerated procurement and wage employment generation.

  • Rise in rural incomes and sales of passenger vehicles etc.


V-shaped economic recovery

Date: 6-01-2021

Relevance: Preliminary exam and G.S. Paper 3: Economics


A V-shaped economic recovery curve is characterized by a quick and sustained recovery in measures of economic performance after a sharp economic decline or an economic recession.


World Bank’s Global Economic prospects report

Date: 6-01-2021

Relevance: Prelims: factual information about the report.

Mains: the detail observation can be used in GS paper- 3 of UPSC -CSE mains examination

to substantiate the answer.

News: Global economic Prospects report was released 

  • Observation of the Global Economic Prospects report:

    • Global economy: It is expected to grow 4% in the fiscal year of 2021 considering the widespread roll out of COVID vaccine.

    • This projection is 5% below the expected pre-pandemic levels.

  • Emerging market and developing economies are expected to grow at 4.6%.

  • China’s Economy is expected to grow at 7.9%.

  • Inequality in the economic growth:

    • The lowest economic were most impacted by the pandemic and expected to take maximum time to recover.

    • Investment in the economy will be the key element for growth of the economies.

  • IndinaEconomy:

    • Indian economy is expected to grow 5.4% in fiscal year of 2021-2022 and 5.2% in fiscal year of 2022-2023.

    • It contracted 9.6% in 2020-2021.

  • Reason for contraction of economy in 2020-2021 highlighted in the report:

    • Sharp decline in household spending and private investment.

    • Severe economic loss in informal sector of economy.

  • Reason for rebound in the economy:

    •  Recovery in manufacturing and services.

India-UK ties

Date: 6/01/2021

Relevance: Mains: GS-paper 2: International Relations


News: UK Prime Minister Mr. Borris Johnson denied to attend the Republic day celebration of 2021 due to Pand

U.K.-India ties:

  • India and U.K. have shared their past and they need to chart out their future relations.

  • India-U.K. collaboration:

    • UN Security Council: Britain have a permanent seat in security council and India is a non permanent member in this council for this year and the next year.

    • U.K. will host India in the G-7 meet for this year and UN climate change conference


Potential of India-U.K. ties:


  • IndianDiaspora:

    • Britain is home to 1.5 million Indian Diaspora.

    • 15 Indians are the member of British parliament.

  • Tourism sector:

    • In Pre Pandemic times, Britain caters to half a million tourists from India na dIndia witnessed about a million of tourist from Britain.

  • Education:

    • Around 30000 students from India receive education from Britain despite restrictions.

  • Investment:

    • Britain is the among top investor in the Indian economy.

    • India is the second biggest investor and job creator in the Britain.

  • Trade:
    • India has a trade surplus of $16 billion, but the trade is still under developed. • A trade agreement was signed in 2020.

• Issues with the ties between both countries:

  • Prime Minister Modi visited U.K. in 2015 and six major agreements were concluded,

    however hardly any assessment have been done for the projects.

  • EU-Indiatradeagreement:

    • It is under negotiation since 2007 in which major roadblock was Britain

    • EU wanted some duty reductions on auto, wines and spirit and wanted India to open up

      its financial sector.

    • And, India wanted free travel of service professionals.

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