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  1. United Kingdom( UK): 16thcentury mark the begining of Monarch addressing the parliament.

  2. United States: Gorge Washington was the first President to Address the congress in 1790.

  3. India:   

  • Government of India Act of 1919 provided for the President's address.

  • GOI Act, 1919, gave the Governor- General the right of addressing the legislative assembly and council of state.

  • This law didn't had provision for Joint address.

  • Ist ever address was made by Dr. Rajendra Prasad on January 31, 1950.

Constitutional Provisional

  • It gave power to President of India to address either house or joint sitting of both house.

  • Article 87 of the constitution: Provides for 2 special occassion on which the President addresses a joint sitting:

  1. Address the first sitting of parliament each year.

  2. To address the opening session of new legislature after a general election.

  • In original constitution, President needed to address each session of the parliament.

  • But first amendment to the constitution, 1951 changed this provision and necessitates the President's address once a year.

President's speech:

  • There is no set format. The purpose of speech is to inform parliament about the cause of summons.

  • Constitutional debate on President's speech: Prof.K. T Shah, proposed the President's address needs to be more specific as on the lines of US constitution.

  • President's address is sometimes used by the government to introduce new policies & legislature.

Motion of Thanks
A motion of thanks is passed by both the houses independently of each other on the days that follows the Presidential address.

• The address is discussed in the house and the Prime Minister of India answers the question.
• Post that, Motion of Thanks is put to vote in front of the houses.
• Rejection of the motion amounts to rejection of policies of the government, Thus it may lead to the fall of the government.

This is the only incidence in the year in which the whole parliament come togeather i.e. The President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

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