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9th June 2021

    Demand for autonomous district by Rengma Nagas

  • BRICS Against Exceptionlism
  • China vaccine diplomacy with ASEAN
  • Global Economic Prospects Report 2021

9th June 2021: List

Demand for autonomous district by Rengma Nagas

News: The Rengma Nagas of Assam have put forward their demand of autonomous district councils in front of the Union home minister, an autonomous district council amid a decision by the Central and the State governments to upgrade the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) into a territorial council.

Background of Rengma Nagas:

  • As per the memorandum submitted by the Rengma Naga Peoples’ Council (RNPC), a registered body, Rengmas were the first tribal people in Assam to have encountered the British in 1839.

  • It further added during the Burmese invasions of Assam in 1816 and 1819, it was the Rengmas who gave shelter to the Ahom refugees 

  • However the Mikir hills replaced the existing Rengma Hills from the political map of Assam in 1951. Thus rengma and mikir hills were two separate geographical entities till 1951.

  • However in 1963, the Rengma hills were partitioned  between Assam and Nagaland at time of Creation of Nagaland.

  • The karbi tribe have no history in Rengma hills.

  • The tribes living in Rengma hills belong to Assam, Arunachal and Meghalaya and don’t belong to karbis and speak a different dialect than karbis.

Who are karbis?

  • Karbis belong to tibeto-burman linguistic group and originally hail from western China near the Yang-Tse-Kiang and the Huang-ho rivers.

  • The Karbis, along with others entered Assam from Central Asia in one of the waves of migration. 

  • The Karbis, known as Mikirs till 1976, were the indigeneous tribal people of Mikir Hills.


  • As rengma hills make a part of the proposed karbi anglong territorial autonomous council, there is a fear among the rengmas that it might override the interest  of Rengmas.

  • It should not prove as a threat to the ethnicity of the Rengmas.

  • NSCN-IM said to the government that  any agreement that victimizes the Rengma Nagas would not be acceptable to the nagas in general and to the NSCN in particular. 

9th June 2021: Text

BRICS Against exceptionalism

News: BRICS after  a virtual meeting last week released a joint statement opposing exceptionalism and campaigning for multilateralism.

The statement aimed at Strengthening and Reforming the Multilateral System laid out the following principles. China in a press statement said that the aim of this statement was to lay down the definite standards of multilateralism.

Characteristic of Multilateral system:

  • It should make global governance more inclusive, representative and participatory to facilitate greater and more meaningful participation of developing and least developed countries

  • The multilateral alliance  should be based on inclusive consultation and collaboration for the benefit of all

  • Further, it  should make multilateral organisations more responsive, action-oriented and solution-oriented based on the norms and principles of international law and the spirit of mutual respect, justice, equality, mutually beneficial cooperation

  • It  should use innovative and inclusive solutions, including digital and technological tools

  • It should strengthen the capacities of individual States and international organizations. 

  • It should promote people-centered international cooperation at the core.

Concerns for India:

  • This year India is holding the chair of BRICS.

  • And the agenda of this multilateralism is also targeted at QUAD grouping, which china called as based on selective multilateralism.

9th June 2021: Text

China's Vaccine Diplomacy with ASEAN

News: As China hosted the ten ASEAN countries it  offered ASEAN countries its vaccines as well as closer cooperation on joint vaccine development and production.

Significance: As  per experts it is an attempt to balance the regional vaccine initiative  by the QUAD.

Meeting outcome:

  • Carrying forward the idea of President Xi Jinping of Asian people to uphold Asia’s security which was proposed in 2021, China proposed to “jointly carry forward Asian values.”

  • It further proposed to embrace the ‘Asian Way’ of consensus building and accommodating.

  • To adhere to independence, self-reliance and self-strengthening to support the ASEAN integration, and forge a closer community with a shared future.

  • The meeting also reiterated the need to “advance consultations on the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea.

9th June 2021: Text

Global Prospects Report 2021

News: the 2021 Global economic prospects report have been released by the World Bank.

Findings of the report:

  • It pegged India’s economy's expected growth rate  at 8.3% in the financial year 2021-22.

  • The world economy is expected to expand at 5.6% in 2021, the fastest post-recession growth rate in 80 years as a result of U.S. stimulus spending and faster growth in China.

  • It says  “highly unequal” access to COVID-19 vaccines was a factor in the uneven recovery. 

  • Further indian economy will witness collapse and recovery trend

  • Growth in Financial Year 2022-23 is expected to slow to 7.5% reflecting. 

  • This low growth rate is the impact of  lingering impacts of COVID-19 on household, corporate and bank balance sheets; possibly low levels of consumer confidence; and heightened uncertainty on job and income prospects in India.

9th June 2021: Text
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