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5th July 2021

5th July 2021: List

NIPUN Bharat

National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy (NIPUN Bharat)

News: the deadline to achieve the target has been pushed to  2026-27 from earlier 2025.


NIPUN Bharat Mission aims at creating an enabling environment to ensure universal acquisition of foundational literacy and numeracy in order to ensure that every child achieves the desired learning competencies in reading, writing and numeracy by the end of Grade 3, by 2026-27.

Implementation mechanism:

  • It will have a five-tier implementation mechanism that will be set up at the national, State, district, block and school levels.

  • It is being financed from flagship Samagra Shiksha scheme.


  • The goal of the mission is to enrol children in school, and then to ensure that they finish Class 10. 

  • It is to ensure that every Class 3 child has foundational literacy and numeracy within five years.

  • This mission specifies stage-wise learning goals to ensure that students are acquiring the necessary building blocks

  • It is likely to emphasise goal setting and accountability for State governments.

  • It will further provide guidelines for teacher training, assessment and the creation of printed resources, according to people who helped develop the mission.

  • Technical support to the centre is provided by the Central Square Foundation, a non-governmental organisation with a focus on foundational literacy and numeracy, along with Pratham Education Foundation.

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