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Dibru Saikhowa  National Park


Why in the News?

Dibru saikhowa National Park was in News as The Supreme Court stayed a National Green Tribunal (NGT) verdict for appointing the managing director of the company in the Baghjan Oilfield as a member of its committee was assigned to determine the responsibility and compensation for the restoration of the Dibru Saikhowa National Park in Assam, which was severely damaged in the event in May 2020.

About the Dibru saikhowa  National Park

  • Location:  It is lying on the south bank of the river Brahmaputra in the extreme east in the Tinsukia district of state Assam in India.

  • It is a part of a large river island, hemmed by the Brahmaputra, Lohit and Dibru rivers.

  • Dibru Saikhowa National Park hold three different status:

    • The national park (1999),

    • Biosphere reserve (1997)

    • Important Bird Area (2004).

  • Flora: It consists of moist mixed semi-evergreen forests,  moist mixed deciduous forests, grasslands

  • sacred tree: Kekjori

  • Fauna: known for feral horses.

2nd July 2021: Text

The Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE+) report

This report is released by the Education ministry. It assessed more than 15 lakh schools across the country.

  • After a year of  lockdown, only 22% of schools in India had Internet facilities, according to Education Ministry data.

  • With respect to government schools, less than 12% had the Internet in 2019-20, while less than 30% had functional computer facilities.

  • Post the shutdown of the schools 26 crore schoolchildren have been left out of education since then.

  • The report highlighted the digital divide, which made education a viable option only in some States.

  • It said many Union Territories and in Kerala more than 90% of schools (govt. and private both)  had access to working computers.

  • However, in states like Assam (13%), Madhya Pradesh (13%), Bihar (14%), West Bengal (14%), Tripura (15%) and Uttar Pradesh (18%), less than one in five schools had working computers.

  • Only Around 5% of Uttar Pradesh’s government schools having the digital facility.

2nd July 2021: Text

OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework tax deal

News: India Joined OECD/G20 Inclusive  Framework Tax deal

About the news:

  • Majority of the members joined OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting including India.

  • It is a high-level statement containing an outline of a consensus solution to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy.


  • The proposed tax solution consists of two components:

    • Pillar One: It is about reallocation of additional share of profit to the market jurisdictions.

    • Pillar Two: It is of minimum tax and subject to tax rules. 

Why did India Join?

  • India’s stand for a greater share of profits for the markets, consideration of demand side factors in profit allocation, thus there is the need to seriously address the issue of cross border profit shifting and the need to be subject to tax rules to stop treaty shopping. 

2nd July 2021: Text
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