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20th July 2021

20th July 2021: List


  • Pegasus is a spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO group. It can be used to keep a surveillance on the mobile phones operation either on android operating system or iOS

  • Spyware is  defined as malicious software designed to enter your device, gather data about you, and forward it to a third-party without your consent. It can also be used legitimately to monitor your data for commercial purposes like advertising.

Method of attack:

  • The method of Pegasus attack is called Zero-Click attack which simply means it does not require any action by the user. It can hack a device simply by giving whatsapp a missed call or manually via wireless transmitter.

  • After installation on the device it can track call logs, read messages, e-mails, calendars, internet search history. It can also trace location data.

Functioning of the Spyware:

  • If it gets installed on a wrong device, it self-destructs itself.

  • If it fails to connect to the  command and control server for 60 days it self-destructs itself.

  • It will alter the call logs leaving no information for the user to trace.

  •  As per Amnesty international it was able to breach the updated android and iOS as well.

One needs to keep the system updated in order to ensure security safeguard. Avoid clicking any suspicious email or message.

20th July 2021: Text
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