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14th July 2021

14th July 2021: List

Cave paintings discovered in Aravallis 

News: Cave paintings have been discovered by the Archaeologists in a rocky and forested corner of Haryana.

About the cave:

  • The cave is believed to be belonging to the Upper Palaeolithic age, which could potentially make it one of the oldest cave arts in the country. 

  • The cave is lying safely in a maze of quartzite rocks in the Aravallis, near the only surviving forest of the region called Mangar Bani, 

  • The people living in the village Manger and  selakhari, a nearby village claim that they have been aware of these paintings since ages.

  • It includes paintings related to human figurines, geometric patterns.

  • It also has rock art and open ceremonial centres.

  • Though tools have been found earlier as well, it is the first time that cave paintings have been found from Aravallis at such a large magnitude

  • They have been painted using natural color ranging from ochre to white.

14th July 2021: Text
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